ABOUT ChinesePixel
Shen Hua (神话)
Founder of PLAYBAOZI Network
Founder of ChinesePixel

Founded PLAYBAOZI Network in 2021.
Founded ChinesePixel in 2020.
5 year career in China as an English Teacher.
2 years configuring and testing servers for Amazon
and Facebook at Quanta Computer GmbH.

Software: CINEMA 4D, Unity, 3ds Max, After Effects, Substance Painter, RizomUV, Photoshop, VUE, LightWave, FL Studio.
Languages: English, Mandarin, TypeScript, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Python, C++, PHP, SQL, AutoIT.

[3D Modeling] [Animation] [Game Development] [Software Development] [Web Development] [Rigging] [Video Editing] [Image Editing] [Compositing] [Motion Graphics] [Icons/Gifs/Bitmaps] [Windows Themes] [Texturing] And more...


Shen Hua has always had aptitude for linguistics and computers.

As a child in the 90s, he learned English from Television, Video Games, Songs and Computers.

He journeyed into the realm of computer science first with a Commodore 64, then proceeded to use MS-DOS on an early Pentium 100 MHz PC.

At that time, he would help his mother work one of her part time jobs by doing database input and programming using dBase.

In his grade school, his first “business venture” was with a classmate, who would find him people that needed their computers repaired, systems reconfigured and reinstalled.


Shen Hua found the education system in his home country to be outdated, tyrannical, boring and inadequate for his talents and interests.

He always had better things to do than chasing grades in subjects that would be easily accessible today by simply searching and reading up on a few topics on the internet.

When the internet first arrived in his neighborhood, he would frequent an internet café to gather resources and tutorials he could use for his early works. He started by making mods and maps for games like Starcraft, Unreal Tournament and Heroes of Might and Magic.


Being an autodidact, Shen Hua believes in true knowledge, conscious learning, IQ, homeschooling and constantly expanding your skills and abilities throughout your life regardless of age.

As the old adage says - knowledge is power. By expanding it you gain a real sense of self-worth that all the mindless rote learning repetition in a government institution and the trade guild, medieval styled credentialism will never give you.


In 2010, Shen Hua decided to take the first step in proving this hypothesis. It was then, when he dropped out of college and against all odds and everyone’s advice decided to start a career in Asia. He spent a few months learning just the absolute basics of Mandarin Chinese using various online resources and then bought a one-way ticket to China.


Five years of a career in China as an English Teacher were a tremendous success. In that capacity he taught thousands of students of all ages from kindergarten through college as well as several private companies where he taught Business English.


The next chapter was moving to Germany. Here he settled in Aachen where he built his fortress of solitude.


During his stay in Germany, Shen Hua did various jobs while working on laying the foundations for their future business and honing the skills he would need.

One of such jobs was Quanta Computer GmbH where he configured and tested countless servers for Amazon and Facebook.


Since the first Unreal Engine came out, when he was still a youngster, Shen Hua always wanted to create digital art. CGI in science fiction shows and movies seemed like magic and he wanted to be the Wizard.


After years of studying 3D graphics all on his own, he started making 3D models and Animations, on top of all the other videos he has already been making in the early years of Youtube.


This prompted him to start a website to serve first as his personal portfolio where he could publish his models and other works.

What started as a one man’s portfolio webpage, eventually evolved into ChinesePixel.


In 2020, the year of a global pandemic, the world has irreversibly changed.

Shen Hua remained focused on his vision.


In 2021, defiant of doom and gloom Shen Hua founded PLAYBAOZI Network.

A network of websites owned by Shen Hua.

PLAYBAOZI is a shop that offers software and games among other products. ChinesePixel is an art studio.


Welcome to ChinesePixel, part of PLAYBAOZI Network.

This is the future.


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